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CBS and Lionsgate are continuing to pour more resources into TVGN, which unveiled a slate of seven original skeins in various stages of development.

Unscripted projects are mostly game and competition-oriented and revolving around pop culture. One is unabashedly a corporate tie-in, “Watch,” which promises to take viewers behind the scenes of CBS’ house magazine.

“We have commissioned a slate of original projects that capture compelling and exciting stories of Hollywood, fandom and obsession,” said Brad Schwartz, prexy of entertainment and media for TVGN.

“Rock the Boat” chronicles the pandemonium that ensues when fans take a weeklong cruise with favorite bands. New Kids on the Block is lined up for the first segment, though the series has yet to be ordered. Donnie Wahlberg, an alumnus of the band and star of CBS’ drama “Blue Bloods,” is an exec producer, with Jarrett Creative Group producing.

“Celebrity Celebrity,” from Avalon TV, is a quiz show that will involve celeb participants raising money for charity. “Tour Wars” hails from Rogue Atlas Prods. and Four Henry Prods. in association with Lionsgate TV, and is a look a the competition between Hollywood tour services for luring dollars from star-struck visitors to Los Angeles.

“Have You Scene My Room” is hosted by Joe Maddalena and Tanya McQueen. The home makeover show from Trium Entertainment transforms a superfan’s room into a tribute to his or her fave movie or TV show. “TMI,” also from Rogue Atlast and Lionsgate, focuses on celeb tweets and posts when it comes to the top stories in showbiz. “The Story Behind,” from TV Guide Prods., offers an insider look into some of the most successful TV shows, including “Friends” and “ER.” “Story Behind” will air two halfhour specials this month.

Finally, a reality series centering on CBS’s Watch! Magazine takes TV stars to exotic destinations for fashion shoots with noted photogs. TV Guide Prods. will produce the project.

Source:, 11/12/13