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With a full-suite of advertising solutions from turn-key representation of advertising inventory for video providers to a cross media solution for local, regional and national advertisers, Viamedia offers solutions for any type of business in any DMA across the US.

Advertising Solutions for Every Business

Fully customized marketing and media solutions for businesses nationwide. Viamedia's experienced advertising team works with businesses to develop a media mix to reach a target audience.

Reach Your Audience Anywhere, Everywhere

Advertise anywhere your customers are. In any market. On any screen. Reach a national audience or a more targeted area around your business.

High Quality Ad Sales Representation

Over 60 video operators nationwide partner with Viamedia for their advertising sales. We offer a full turnkey solution from sales, traffic and billing, technology and more. 

Partnering With Leading Industry Providers

Halt and Catch Fire is Up to Code

A few years ago I worked alongside several heavy-duty computer code writers. (Not that I wrote code myself, which would have been an unmitigated disaster.) It often took me quite a while to understand what they were saying and to catch the drift of their meaning given...
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2016 College Football – Are you ready?!

2016 College Football It usually happens sometime around mid-August – at least here in the northeast. All of a sudden you’ll catch a glimpse of a maple or an oak with just a patch of color. And then you’ll notice a slight chill in the morning air and darkness...
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Guy Fieri The Secret Sauce to “Guy’s Grocery Games”

A good friend of mine was the first ad sales researcher at Food Network way back in the mid-1990s, and he used to grouse about how bad the ratings were, save for one program hosted by some chef by the name of Emeril Lagasse. Pressured to come up with ways of...
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Long Live Ice Road Truckers!

Did you ever have that moment in time when a teenage dream comes crashing down all at once? For me, that dream was driving semi-trailer trucks (eighteen-wheelers) in all their gleaming chrome glory. Didn’t matter what I was haulin’… so long as I was free to haul. But...
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Viamedia and Jackson Energy Authority Renew Long-Term Advertising Agreement

New York City – July 25, 2016 — Viamedia, the largest independent cable TV ad management company, announced today that it has renewed its longstanding agreement with Jackson Energy Authority, under which Viamedia will continue to represent advertising sales...
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