Reach voters on every device, everywhere.

Viamedia is your local media advertising partner delivering data-driven, voter targeted ad solutions for local, regional and national races.

Hyper-Accurate Authenticated Targeting


Viamedia’s CrossConnect™ authenticated household targeting technology will help you reach the voters you want with little to no waste.

Our authenticated household targeting technology allows you to accurately target the voters you want — by state, geographic area, zip code, party affiliation, voting frequency, gender and more.

Now you can take your direct mail campaign online and serve digital banner and video ads directly into your target voter’s device.

Target Key Locations


Target key locations like rallies, conventions, or grassroots events to acquire high value voter’s device IDs. Then serve ads right to their device.

Viamedia’s mobile targeting technology allows you to serve ads to mobile phones in specific geographic areas like voting locations. Make sure your name is the last thing voter’s see before they make it official.


Why viamedia


Our targeting technology is second to none. Not only can we match your voter lists to reach the devices in high value voter households but we can expand your reach to look-a-like audiences.

Fast Turn Around

Your campaigns can be running within 72 hours. Easily switch out new ads or target specific voter segments with different ads to see what’s resonating.

Budget Friendly

We have built successful political campaigns for all budget levels. No matter your budget, we can help you determine your goals and recommend strategies to execute them.

Results Accessible 24/7

Your cross-media campaign results are housed all in one cohesive dashboard so you can monitor your results daily, weekly or hourly if you choose.

Proven Success

A Democratic County Commissioner had an uphill battle to climb trying to get elected in a primarily Republican community.

He came to Viamedia to help get a consistent message out to targeted voter’s in the area across TV, digital, social and email.

Utilizing our authenticated audience targeting, CrossConnect™, we were able to help him develop a winning media strategy.  

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