Post Type:news TV Screen is Still Tops for Most Viewers, TiVo Survey Finds | Viamedia

Most TV viewers are not fully focused on the second screen when it comes to multitasking while watching traditional TV programs. More than three-quarters of TV viewers are “primarily focused” on watching TV programming.

Moreover, 45% of TiVo users — and 35% of non-TiVo users — said their “attention was directed only toward TV and not to anything else, while watching,” according to a new TiVo study on social media and multitasking.

Certain complicated plot line shows, like HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” demand viewer’s full attention; 73% of survey respondents agree “not to do other things while I am watching” those shows.

The highest Internet activities of those multitasking while watching TV: 27% are searching information; 7% are reading social media sites; 6% are reading Facebook posts; 5% are reading episode recaps/reviews; and 5% are reading online message boards.

At the same time, TiVo says among viewers who “almost always” multitasked, 24% used smartphones; 19% used tablets; 11% laptops/netbooks; 6%, desktops; and 1% portable game consoles.

Among those who have “ever” multitasked, 61% said smartphones; 49% said laptop/netbook; and 37% said tablet. TiVo’s online survey came from 1,660 homes from Oct. 16 through Nov. 7, 2013 — 40% were TiVo subscribers, 48% non-subscribers and 12% from social-media sites.

TiVo says participants were over the age of 18 and watched at least seven hours of TV per week; the composition of the survey was consistent with the U.S. in terms of household income and age range.

Source:, 1/23/14