Post Type:news "The Soup Investigates" Premieres Wednesday, June 19th @ 10:30pm ET/PT on E! | Viamedia

“The Soup Investigates” Premieres Wednesday, June 19th @ 10:30pm ET/PT “The Soup Investigates” is a new spin-off series of E!’s popular comedy franchise “The Soup” that will answer all the questions that pop culture fans never thought to ask, and then some. How DOES that rose get from the grower’s field to The Bachelor’s hand just in time for the all important rose ceremony? What is life like inside the fascinating world of the “Mother Duckers,” the families who make their living creating duck callers who WEREN’T cast in “Duck Dynasty”? Host Joel McHale and our investigative reporters will be working around the clock to get to the truth, or at least a very plausible facsimile thereof. 

Source: E! press release, 5/31/13