Post Type:news QVC Debuts Second Channel: QVC Plus | Viamedia

Offering up its own version of a time-shifted TV viewing, home shopping channel QVC is starting up another channel — QVC Plus, a network that will air content off its main QVC network on a three-hour delay.

Onscreen graphics will show content that is pre-recorded. Future plans for QVC Plus may include special programming shown only on the channel to further expand QVC’s offerings.

QVC’s international operations in the U.K. and Germany have offered multiple broadcast channels for some time now, with some of those additional networks specifically for QVC’s beauty products.

The company says QVC Plus will be broadcast live on QVC’s Web site, with new digital commerce functions coming soon. Right now, digital commerce sales represent 37% of QVC’s global revenues, with 30% coming from mobile devices.

QVC’s net revenue declined 1% in the second quarter to $2.0 billion. QVC’s U.S. revenue increased 3% to $1.3 billion in the second quarter, primarily from growth in the beauty and home categories. 

QVC’s international revenue declined 6% in the second quarter to $649 million, mostly due to currency fluctuations.  QVC, which reaches approximately 250 million homes worldwide, is owned by Liberty Interactive Media.

Source: MediaPost , 8/22/13