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There’s little doubt that most advertisers’ budgets will be down for at least the first half of next year, and most media choices will be looking at fewer dollars coming into their medium. A couple of media though—and one of them is advertiser-supported cable—are likely to attract more money, according to the Advertiser Optimism Report detailed by Advertising Age. 

The study conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, a company with numerous media clients, including Turner, ESPN, and NBC Universal, finds that 27% of clients expect to be spending more in cable, significantly in excess of the 16% who were expecting to spend more in broadcast television. And despite all the very bad news that’s coming from the economy, the 27% figure is down just a single percentage point from six months ago, before most of the dire news hit. At that time, 28% said they were expecting to spend more on cable. But numbers are way down on the broadcast side;a year ago, 22% of advertisers were saying they expected to increase spending on broadcast TV. 

The relative optimism for cable is surpassed by just two other media, online and mobile, which is still coming off of a very tiny base and has advertisers still experimenting with it. 

Ad Age reports the study also finds that cost of advertising is relatively unimportant compared to its results. 83% of all media decision makers said it’s results that matter compared to just 50% that mentioned price. Among respondents whose companies use television advertising, 71% said results are more important than price. 

Source: Cable Spots, November 24, 2008