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Lynn Finke is currently Vice President Analytics and Sales Support for Viamedia. In this capacity she defines, executes and deploys data management strategies and web based business intelligence platforms.  These company-wide sites provide on-demand information and key performance indicators for the organization to make fact based decisions.  Lynn joined Viamedia in February 2010 after several years with Time Warner Cable, where she formulated a new data focused team for on-demand information, reporting, pricing and inventory strategies in the Northeast Advertising Sales Division. 

Prior to her 10 year tenure in the Advertising Sales space, Lynn has partnered with Senior Sales Management teams and implemented global sales automation and efficiency solutions.  Primarily in high-tech industries, she deployed CRM systems, data management and reporting platforms, pricing strategies and performance metrics that focus on analyzing, preserving and increasing the revenue stream.     

Ms. Finke started her career in New York City with Chase Manhattan Bank as a data systems auditor for both datacenters and the branch banking network.  She graduated cum laude from State University of New York at Buffalo with a B.S. in Business Administration.  She currently resides in Albany, NY.