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With New Mobile Tap-To-Expand Feature, Local Advertisers Can Reach Targeted Viewers on Every Mobile Screen with More Features

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Viamedia, the television industry’s largest independent cable TV ad management company, today announced an advanced mobile advertising innovation, AdMessenger Tap-To-Expand, the latest addition to the company’s growing roster of cutting-edge cross-platform ad solutions to reach any viewer on every screen.

AdMessenger “Tap-to-Expand” is designed to reach consumers with an easily updated, geo-targeted, offer specific, custom-scrolling text message delivered across thousands of mobile websites and apps.  The “Tap-to-Expand” feature enables mobile users to tap on an advertiser’s offer-specific scrolling text to bring up a full screen interactive ad to learn more about the advertiser’s featured product or service.

“We’ve made significant investments in our product suite to ensure the most robust video advertising and advanced solutions are available across EVERY screen for local advertisers and the communities they serve,” said Mark Lieberman, Viamedia President & CEO. “This includes our popular AdMessenger scrolling text product we have been offering over the past year with the enhanced Tap to Expand feature now available.”

Viamedia is continually updating its ad platform to offer the most choices in local cross-screen advertising, adding to the company’s full turn-key suite of advanced ad solutions designed to engage multi-screen consumers. Ranging from traditional cable TV advertising to programmatic TV and more, Viamedia’s wide array of ad solutions enables advertisers to best navigate the shifting media landscape by enabling the sale and delivery of a consistent message onto every targeted consumer’s screen.

In addition to traditional cable TV advertising, Viamedia offers a range of multi-platform solutions, including:

  • Programmatic Linear TV ad buys in national and cable networks with Viamedia’s placemedia division. The fully automated, supply-side, data-driven, audience-based programmatic ad-sales platform for television, placemedia,seamlessly connects agencies and digital demand side providers with premium inventory from cable networks and MVPDs. The platform ingests more than 30 billion impressions monthly in nearly 100 million TV households across 210 DMAs.
  • Addressable advertising, in certain markets, enabling advertisers to place a different ad during the same break to different TV sets within the same household using audience-based, impression-based targeting.
  • New Audience Targeting Methods, for certain markets, enabling advertisers to target certain audiences more deeply using network clusters, and genres reflecting viewer interests. Advertisers can “follow” their target viewers no matter what network/program they are watching without purchasing avails on those networks/programs individually.
  • Viamedia Online Services (VOS), an online and mobile extension of Viamedia’s local cable TV ad sales services. VOS empowers local advertisers to target audiences based on a variety of databases to deliver a wide range of multi-screen ad units, including pre-roll video, banner displays and mobile.

These multi-screen impression based innovations come at a time of growing demand for a cross-screen ad sales solution. In a recent study, Viamedia found that 71% of its advertisers surveyed have used online buys to complement their local cable television buys, and more than 80% of its advertisers have used, or thought about using, mobile to complement their local cable advertising.

“In the U.S., the typical multi-screen user consumes nearly 7 ½ hours of video a day,” Lieberman noted.  “This includes 151 minutes on their Smartphones, 147 minutes watching TV and another 43 minutes a day on their tablets. When talking to our customers, we found a common need to reach consumers on every screen, and we’ve developed a product suite specifically focused on reaching today’s multi-screen consumers.”

About Viamedia

Headquartered in New York City, Viamedia is the largest independent cable TV ad management company for local, regional and national advertising, programmatic and ad tech solutions, responsible for nearly one million spots per day on behalf of over 12,000 advertiser relationships. The company specializes in selling advertising on behalf of 60 U.S. cable and telecommunications service providers, utility companies and municipalities, and employs approximately 380 people across the country. The company also operates placemedia, a programmatic data-driven TV ad platform, which aggregates ad inventory from Viamedia, major MVPDs and more than 40 national cable networks across 210 DMAs. For more information, please and