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What is QTT™?

QTT™ allows the digital ecosystem to seamlessly access brand-safe premium linear cable TV ad avails 2-3 min/hr across all insertable cable networks. This opens up millions of opportunities every day to reach TV audiences using the same digital campaign management platforms advertisers and agencies use today.

Market Opportunity

• Local advertising is a $151B industry, with spot cable TV currently capturing only 3% of that spend.
• Local digital advertising is a $77B due to ease of planning, targeting, buying and optimizing.
• By linking a real time digital ad insertion capability to TV, it’s possible to significantly grow the share of the local cable TV advertising market.

Works With All Programmatic Models

With content pre-approval, campaigns can be managed as a Private Marketplace (PMP), Programmatic Guaranteed, or Open Real Time Bidding (RTB).

QTT™ Technology

Using patent-pending technology, QTT™ converts a standard SCTE 35 cue tone into an IAB-compliant VAST ad request infused with rich content and audience metadata for targeting. Demo available upon request.

Bid in Real Time

Through their agency trading desks, advertisers are able to programmatically plan campaigns against the defined audience segments they want to reach. Available through top Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), advertisers use their chosen Demand-Side Platform (DSP) to bid for the desired TV placements based on their campaign goals without the need for a preset schedule.
QTT™ is architected to work within any ad decisioning and serving platform such as Google Ad Manager, while not requiring any upgrades to current set top boxes.

Bringing Digital Demand To TV Inventory

Advantages for MVPD’s

  • Monetizing underutilized inventory based on rules set by the MVPD.
  • No upgrade needed to set top boxes.
  • Zone based advertising.


Advantages for Advertisers/Agencies

  • Audience buying for cable TV inventory through known DSPs and SSPs.
  • Ability to create common definition of audiences across screens.
  • Real-time ad decisioning and placement.
  • Premium brand safe environment.


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