Post Type:press-releases New Viamedia Agreement Connects Google TV Ads to 2 Million Additional Homes | Viamedia

Lexington, KY January 31, 2011 – Viamedia, a leading provider of advertising sales services to video service operators, announced today a strategic agreement with Google TV Ads, an online marketplace that brings advanced targeting and measurement tools to national cable advertising. 

Beginning later this year, Google TV Ads will have access to Viamedia’s advertising inventory on a broad selection of cable networks carried by cable & telco providers represented by Viamedia. Google’s advertisers will have the ability to purchase inventory on 68 networks across 2 million homes represented by Viamedia’s 18 MSO/Telco partners. 

“There are dramatic changes occurring in the media industry. We are fortunate that the continued fragmentation of video distribution and the growth and technology changes experienced in the internet segments are opening doors for growth opportunities at Viamedia. This partnership with Google TV Ads will allow our organization to be on the forefront of the online/ television advertising convergence and we are excited about the possibilities it brings to both Viamedia & national advertisers,” says Viamedia CEO Jeff Carter.

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