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GVTC began more than half a century ago as a telephone cooperative with the purpose of providing modern phone service to remote parts of the Texas Hill Country and other rural areas to the north of San Antonio. Today, GVTC has evolved into a comprehensive communications provider with offerings that go well beyond residential and business telephone service. The products and services also include cable TV, high-speed Internet, security, long distance, advanced data services and more. 

GVTC remains true to its roots as a cooperative. In fact, it is the largest telephone cooperative in Texas. Its service area spans 2,000 square miles and eleven counties, and includes over 32,000 members with approximately 42,509 access lines. GVTC is a non-profit entity, and as such, any telephone-related revenues over and above its operating expenses are allocated to its member-owners in the form of Capital Credits. The allocations are made on a proportional share, based upon the dollar volumes that each individual member spends on telephone services with the cooperative. The more telephone services and products the members purchase from their cooperative, the greater the members’ allocation will be. 

GVTC’s combination of personalized customer relations, community involvement and technological diversity sets it apart from competitors in the telecommunications field. GVTC’s products and services give it the capacity to meet all residential and commercial communications needs, while its history and strong roots provide the foundation for a lasting connection and deep commitment to the people that it serves.

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