Unlock the future of advertising with Parrot ADS, a cutting-edge platform crafted and managed by Viamedia. Simplifying the complex landscape of ad distribution, Parrot ADS empowers MVPDs (Multichannel Video Programming Distributors) to effortlessly manage traditional and CTV/Dynamic ad insertion simultaneously.

As the cable industry evolves from traditional hardware-based video distribution to dynamic alternatives, Viamedia recognizes the challenge faced by the ad industry. Converting inventory should be easy and cost-effective for operators, and that’s where Parrot ADS steps in.

In the current scenario, MVPDs gradually transition subscribers from traditional to dynamic platforms, meaning 10%-20% of subscribers navigate both methods annually. This dual-platform approach requires ad industry players to make separate purchases, causing unnecessary complexities, extended timelines, and additional costs for both ad buyers and sales teams.

Enter Parrot Ad Decisioning Systems – Viamedia’s revolutionary solution for this transitional phase. With Parrot ADS, media buyers can seamlessly purchase inventory regardless of consumption method, eliminating the hassle of managing two separate orders and methods. This unified approach allows ad sales teams to streamline their processes, saving time and reducing operational costs.

What does this mean for you, the end user? Operators can safeguard their ad revenues during the transition period, while ad sales teams can consolidate the selling process for both traditional and addressable ad insertion. For ad buyers, it’s a game-changer – a single purchase now reaches audiences across various consumption methods.

It’s a WIN/WIN/WIN opportunity! Parrot ADS is the key to making this transition simple, ensuring a seamless and successful advertising future for everyone involved. 

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