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“The power of geographic and demographic targeted local cable has been a key part of Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet’s marketing plan. Cable offers not only superior targeting but also some of the highest profile programming and sports on TV today while still being very affordable. However, the proof is in the store traffic and store sales are both up significantly year over year…”

Debbie Lynch

Mind Stamp Media

“I buy cable for our clients because it reaches specific demos more effectively than broadcast television. It provides great ROI for my clients.” 

Angela Josey

Tranter Grey Media Group

“I have used many advertising assets and companies over the years, but Viamedia continues to provide premier service, pricing packages, and innovative advertising solutions.  The return on my investment is far better than any other advertising medium that I have ever used.”

Daniel Brady

Par Golf of Columbus

“We depend on local cable advertising.  Local cable is essential to our marketing plan – our local cable company is a reliable, trusted partner that delivers exceptional performance!”

Bill Thunberg

President, Alexander Zachary Jewelers

“Our business has been a consistent advertiser with local cable for many years.  There are many reasons.  It allows a business to target the specific geographical area or city it wants to advertise to without reaching into areas it cannot serve.  By doing this, it makes a cable buy very cost effective with little dollars wasted on more reach than needed.   Cable also allows a business a better ability to reach their specific target audience by having a variety of networks to choose from that reach their customer demographics.  Cable advertising has worked well for us.” 

Gary Rice

Advertising Marketing Manager, Raben Tire Company, Inc.

“No doubt the best money I have spent is with cable TV advertising.  I would say that 65% of customers who walk into my appliance store for the first time mention they have seen my commercials, and had to stop and check out my appliances.  You have to get them into the store, before they can become buyers.”

Dave Norman

Appliance Outlet

“… TV exposure gets our name out to our customers and all potential customers at an excellent rate – much more affordable and effective than radio advertising.  Many customers come in and tell us they see Chris Shore on these commercials and that these ads keep the Shore Tire name in their minds.  This has helped us gain many more lifetime customers which allows us to keep growing our business.”

Keith D. Carr

Shore Tire

“Advertising on cable was a big “boost” for our business. We are a fairly new store and our cable ads worked well letting the local area folks know that we were here. We really loved hearing from folks who saw and loved our ad.”


The Backyard Retreat

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“As a media buyer for a Ripple Marketing, I am always looking for the best mediums to advertise for my clients.  I feel like traditional advertising has changed so much in the recent years.  I can rely on cable to reach a large audience for my clients.  One thing I love about cable is the variety.  I can choose specific programming to place advertising in order to reach my client’s demographic.  My clients have received great feedback and results from advertising on cable.  As a viewer, I am comfortable with all the programming that cable offers.  There is always something that appeals to me, whether it is an old favorite or something new.” Arrin Weinkauf, Ripple Marketing

“We used to only do advertising around major holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day”, said Ray Wright, owner of Wright Jewelers in Chattanooga.  “In the last year we have really evened out the fluctuations in sales per month and have grown our business over 30% and only thing we did differently was to add cable advertising to our media mix and used it consistently all 12 months of the year”.

“The ability to reach large audiences with high profile programming, has greatly increased our name awareness, which has grown our brand identity.  We do this with cable advertising because of costs and the ability advertise in some of the highest viewed sporting events, which is a big part of our target audience.” Rick Donaldson, Mass Media Marketing

The Antique Market is a 23 year old antique and home furnishing store in Augusta.  A wide range of advertising methods have been used over the years but for the last five years I have become an advertiser on local cable television. It became clear to me that when my customer traffic increased and they told me “I saw your ad on TV last night” upon entering the store my decision was made to advertise with local cable only.” Steven Fiegenba, Owner, The Antique Market Interiors & Gifts

“Local cable is one of our top advertising values. We know it gets noticed, because as soon as we run a new commercial, everyone in town comments to me about it.” Lee Davis, Davis Chevrolet

“As a small business focused organization, local cable advertising has helped our organization reach out to its friends and neighbors. Advertising on cable is a great way to reach the customer that is invested in the local economy and the ROI is one of the best out there.”Rebekah Cansler McGee, Uptown Lexington, Inc.

“Advertising on World Cup offered us the perfect platform to speak directly to our target audience,” said Dean Rothrock, Vice President of Rothrock Motor Sales. “By leveraging the tremendous draw of the World Cup’s audience, we were able to achieve a much more impactful ROI for our dealership. Our ads got maximum exposure in our key target demographic in the Philadelphia market.

“Local cable advertising during the World Cup was a piece of our overarching strategic marketing plan and an efficient and effective way for us to reach both avid and emerging soccer fans in the local Chicago area,” said Mike Ernst, Senior Vice President, Chicago Fire Soccer Club who bought local commercial advertising during the World Cup. “The ability to target our local area was invaluable in promoting our team to a growing group of soccer fans.”

“Without a doubt the best money I have spent is with cable TV advertising.  I am willing to say that 70 % of customers who walk into my shop for the first time mention they have seen my commercials, and had to stop and check out the bikes.  You have to get them into the shop, before they can become buyers.” Detroit Boss Hoss Motorcycles – St. Clair Shores, MI

“I have been advertising on cable television for almost one year now.  I have heard great responses from my customers that they see and like my commercial… Cable offers a much better rate than broadcast and it works for me.” Jim Beger – Owner – ICHIBAN Sushi Bar – Rapid City

“I would not have become the successful franchise that I’ve become without the advertising purchased through Cable TV.” Joe & Sherry Abbulone – Owner – Joey’s Famous Philly Cheesesteaks – Southgate, MI

“I received more comments from customers in 6 weeks than in 6 months with other forms of advertising.”  Gary Moyse – Furniture Nook – North Royalton, MI

“…it’s more affordable than going through print, radio or any other form of advertising and just the direct response we get is . .Unbelievable!” Dennis Selby – The Shoppe – Berea, M

“We’ve had more recognition than we’ve had in years!  We can air multiple spots for minimum cost.” Tom Basista – Basista Furniture – Cleveland/Parma 

“I’m happy!  I’ve been on cable TV for almost two years and I keep getting new customers and steady repeat customers.  I tell business owners that I know about it all the time.” Steve Biondo – Discount Nutrition – Troy, MI

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