Post Type:post VIAlytics: "Splurgers" vs “Savers” | Viamedia

Travelers and vacationers (not to mention those who entertain) typically possess discretionary funds – precisely the ones who might be targeted with financial products and service advertising. But advertisers look for them in markedly different places.

That’s the conclusion of a 2-year review by Viamedia, the nation’s largest independent local cable rep firm. A close look at over 140 Million commercials purchased by 20,000+ local advertisers across 150+ locally insertable cable networks reveals an intriguing pattern.

Local travel & entertainment advertisers are clearly targeting households with children. The top two Indexing networks are Nickelodeon (354) and Cartoon (325). In other words, these two networks capture well over three times as much Travel & Entertainment dollars (on a percentage basis) than they do company-wide across all ad spending categories.

Not surprisingly, the Travel Channel is the third highest indexing network followed by another family-oriented channel (ABC Family Network – 201 Index.) The next four highest skewing networks (160+ indices) are Comedy, VH-1, MTV and E!. Clearly, local travel & entertainment advertisers are also targeting young adults, whether they have children or not.

Just the opposite appears to be the case with local advertisers of financial products and services who are spending relatively far fewer dollars on Nickelodeon, Cartoon and the Travel Channel, all of them indexing below 75.

Instead, the top draw for financial services advertisers is an eclectic group including News (CNBC – 169 Index), Sports (ESPN – 129 Index) and older male-skewing networks such as The History Channel (129 Index). Of note is that all three of these networks have very low indices for Travel & Entertainment advertisers (60, 61 and 83 Indices respectively).

So, when it comes to money, advertisers believe they’ll find “splurgers” watching very different shows than “savers”.

    Jonathan Sims
    Vice President Media Research, Viamedia