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Central Avenue Nissan

Central Avenue Nissan in Yonkers, NY began advertising on cable and online with Viamedia in January 2014. This combination has helped them reach their target audience and increase brand awareness.


Central Avenue Nissan targets Nissan/Honda/Toyota/Mazda/Hyundai owners looking for a new car in the next 3-6 months. By adding Verizon FiOS advertising to the tv advertising they have already been doing for several years, they are now able to reach all cable homes in their target area. By using national cable expenditure information provided by Viamedia, this client mimics Nissan’s national ad campaigns to maintain a consistent brand message.


One of Central Avenue Nissan’s primary goals is retention. Cable advertising helps maintain their reputation in the community so they continue to get repeat customers. Jim Rourke, a partner at the dealership, said “I love when friends and family members call us and say they just saw us on TV!  Many times a customer will walk into the showroom and recognize me from the commercial.  It makes us feel legitimate.” Central Avenue Nissan also utilizes Viamedia’s online suite of products to help bring in traceable leads that the staff can follow up with and covert into customers.


Advertising with Viamedia has also helped Central Avenue Nissan maintain consistent sales levels. According to Jim Rourke, “Nissan offers programs that significantly help us move more cars.  Some months the programs are not as aggressive and we see our sales suffer because of it.  That’s when our ad campaign and sales staff matter even more to help us get more foot traffic into our store and close deals.”

Royal Oak Music Theatre

From the first day the theater opened in 1928 as the Kunsky Royal Oak, the art-deco Royal Oak Music Theatre continues to shine as a first-class venue. Today, the eclectic mix of performances range from film festivals, belly dancing shows, children’s theatre, comedy shows and major musical acts.This makes their audience change on a per show basis.

Client Results

After being on air for multiple years, Royal Oak Music Theatre expressed that their ticket sales double the day the commercials hit the air every time. Being on cable has given them an opportunity to capture the audience in their own backyard. Local theater and concert goers like the opportunity to visit Royal Oak because of its fine dining, fun downtown and now a great theatre experience.

In addition to a consistent advertising schedule, Viamedia also helps Royal Oak Theatre with special promotions to generate more visitors. Examples include an annual movie night promotion, with a viewing of  “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” a few days before Halloween. Viamedia produced a 30 second commercial promoting the event, and aired the spot on multiple networks as a cross channel promotion. The promotion brings around 800 people to the theatre that night.

Account Results & Success

The success of this campaign lies in a combination of constant customer service and research. As the shows change monthly and sometimes weekly, the target audience, networks and ad copy change as well. The Viamedia Account Executive works closely with the client, always evaluating the shows and determining who the audience is for each act and what is the best way to reach them. Viamedia’s research tools are utilized to determine the right networks, dayparts and programming to promote the events. The Royal Oak Theatre has signed multiple annual agreements with Viamedia as a result of their success, plus they have referred other businesses such as The Warren Miller Film Festival.

Columbus Zoo

Our clients have many media options with their marketing dollars. A thorough needs analysis is vital in increasing share. During this process a Senior Account Executive from Columbus uncovered a need with the Columbus Zoo that resulted in increasing our business with two clients. The AE helped the Zoo add three additional weekends to their special events calendar. The AE approached Revol Wireless to sponsor costume character appearances at the Zoo. Noggin’s Franklin the Turtle, Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer and Jimmy Neutron will headline three different Zoo weekends.

The result was a $17,000 increase year to year from the Columbus Zoo and a 25% increase from Revol Wireless in 3rd and 4th quarter. In addition Revol contributed a $5,000 check to cover costume rental, shipping, talent fees, and other ancillary costs. MTV Networks was proud to have their brands featured at the Zoo and Viamedia was able to include a local non-profit group at the events at no cost. This truly was a collaborative effort that has everyone involved extremely pleased with the achievement of their goals. Our AE did an outstanding job of identifying and understanding client needs and executing a marketing plan to satisfy those needs.

Dr. Katherine King

Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Somerset Kentucky was planning to partner with Lake Cumberland Laser Clinic in Russell Springs to feature the cosmetic dentistry services of Dr. Katherine King. Their primary target audience was women age 25+. The client began doing some newspaper advertising to get the word out about the new partnership, but was not seeing much success. The Viamedia Account Executive presented a three month trial of cable advertising that covered both the Somerset and Russell Springs zones to create awareness for both practices and highlight their new partnership.

The client’s expectations were not only to increase awareness for both practices, but also to generate new client inquiries and add new patients. A separate commercial for each location was produced, so that each practice could position themselves as adding additional services.

After the three month trial period, the clients were receiving new patients as a result of their cable tv campaign, and were overall very happy and planned to continue advertising with Viamedia.

LA Boxing

LA Boxing is a national franchise with local ownership. Dean and Jacky Bellatoni own the business with locations in Mamaroneck NY and Secaucus NJ. They seek to attract young, active, health-oriented clients who live within 15 miles of their locations. They use a wide variety of media in addition to cable TV including local newspaper, supermarket boxes, and direct mail.

Client Success

Their initial expectations were very low (about 5-10 per month per club) since the Viamedia coverage zone was wider than their target zone. Their expectations were exceeded. Their advertising campaign consistently produced 50-60 walk in leads resulting in 30 new members to each club every month. The club constantly runs on air and in store promotions. After their initial campaign with outstanding results, the client signed an annual agreement.

The success of this campaign is due to matching their targeted commercial spots to the appropriate network viewers. For example, spots targeted to women run on Bravo while male-targeted spots runs on Spike. In addition, the Viamedia footprint matches well with their gym locations.

LA Boxing Testimonial

“Thanks for helping LA Boxing get started with advertising on Verizon FiOS in New Jersey and Westchester County, NY. I am happy to report that the advertising has produced solid results for both LA Boxing locations in Secaucus and Mamaroneck. We were pleasantly surprised that people mentioned seeing the television spot shortly after we began airing on Bravo, Spike and Discovery. Not only do they see the ad and come in to our boxing centers, but a good number have signed membership agreements, making our advertising investment well spent.
Thanks too for the knowledgeable, courteous and professional sales service you have provided us.”

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