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Programmatic Industry Update

According to Emarketer, about 84% of all display ads in 2019 will be purchased programmatically. Programmatic direct and private marketplaces are trending higher because buyers want more control over inventory. Real-time bidding only represents 44% of the programmatic spend.  About two-thirds of video will be purchased programmatically, but it is on the rise. Programmatic is expanding and redefining the media buy in new areas like sponsored content, native and TV.  With so much market confusion, I put together a simple run down of options in the programmatic space.

Private Marketplace or Real-Time Bidding?

Private marketplaces are on the rise in the programmatic world, but real-time bidding is still king in the local marketing circles. A private marketplace is a good option to guarantee premium web placement and have control over the buy. However, many do not have the access to a private marketplace, so real-time bidding is the only option.

Real-time bidding allows a company to capitalize on audience targeting, regardless of the web site.  In addition, many providers offer a whitelist option to provide an emphasis on premium publishers sites. When choosing a vendor; look for transparency, customer service response time and a solidified campaign management process.

Should I Buy Direct?

Some of my programmatic counterparts may disagree with me, but I think there is a value in buying some impressions directly.  Specifically, I would buy some inventory direct that fits a specific audience difficult to reach programmatically. For example, many B2B industrial clients have only a few web sites that discuss their industry.  In addition to specific industry sites, I would look at high impact ad units on high traffic web sites.

Self Managed or Managed Service

It is a common for an agency or client to say: “I can buy programmatic myself!”  A self managed platform is a great option if one has the staff to execute programmatic buys.  That staff includes a buyer, an account manager and an ad operations team.  For larger operations, the savings in self management makes sense, but in most cases a managed platform is a better choice.  A managed platform will come with a higher CPM, but it allows the experts to handle the heavy lifting and changing marketplace.


Written by TJ Salopek
Executive Director of Cross Media, Viamedia