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Assessing whether a marketing campaign was successful has become increasingly difficult because of the complex consumer purchase funnel.  Consumers are being exposed to messages on multiple channels, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Breaking down marketing measurements into high quality web traffic and in-store traffic are two easy ways to assess marketing efforts.

Ways To Measure Marketing Campaign Success:


#1-Branded Search Lift

Outside of Google Adwords and Facebook, few media produce direct action or clicks to a web site.  Running pre-roll video ads, targeted TV commercials or audience targeted display; all lead a consumer to a search query.  It is a marketing campaigns job to influence that consumers search with a branded name. Branded search is a companies most valuable traffic and allows a company to reduce the competition in the search space.

#2-In Store Traffic Lift

Web site traffic is important in the consumer purchase funnel, but knowing foot traffic conversions takes attribution to the next level.  The ability to capture consumer’s mobile IDs, allows marketing companies to quantify digital marketing efforts for a brick and mortar store.  As many marketers would say: “I brought the customer in the store, you have to close them!”

Attribution Reality  

Currently, there is a gap between marketing and sales.  Though software is trying to close the gap, it is not perfect.  Continue to expect issues with attribution and consider a full view of the purchase funnel.


Written By TJ Salopek
Executive Director of Cross Media Sales





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