Delivering Your Audience When And Where They Consume Media

Find the customers you're craving across all screens.

It's a Multi-Screen World

Delivering your audience when and where they consume media

Tools to reach customers on the screens they're using!

Cable Television

It all starts with TV. Place your business along side the nations top shows.
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Cable Television Advertising your brand on local Cable TV on popular networks like, TNT, CNN, USA, FX or Bravo with an attractive 30 second commercial. Benefits:
  • Convey your message with sight, sound & motion - immediate impact
  • Affluent audience with higher disposable income
  • Cost effective
  • Geographic & demographic targeting capabilities
  • Flexible scheduling

Pre-roll Video

Ads that appear prior to online videos. Pre-roll ads are a high-engagement, high-recall ad unit.
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Pre-roll Video Ads that appear at the beginning of online videos of your desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Benefits:
  • Viewers that watch online videos are ready to interact
  • Pre-roll allows you to take advantage of their anticipation and undivided attention by displaying ads prior to video playback
  • Online video ad plays automatically and ads are non-skippable

Mobile AdMessenger

140-160 character text message with the ability to support your brand's color scheme and logo.
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Mobile AdMessenger Scrolling ads that appear when you browse the web on your mobile device, similar to notifications. Benefits:
  • Reach new consumers on mobile sites & apps
  • Easily customize the message to fit your brand
  • Less intrusive, more engaging and performs better than standard mobile banners
  • Supports advertiser logo & color scheme
  • Tap to any native mobile function: site, video, map, calendar

Facebook Ads

Utilize Facebook News Feed and Right Rail ads that appear to users as they browse Facebook.
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Facebook Ads Increase the reach of your online campaigns by extending message delivery across popular social content feeds. Benefits:
  • Highly targeted advertising capability
  • Reach people where they are spending the most time - Facebook

Multi-Screen Advertising + Detailed Audience Targeting = Advertising Gold!

Target the Right Audience

Digital Targeting Opportunities


Keyword and Category Contextual Targeting

People viewing content relevant to what you have to offer

Site Retargeting

People who know you and have visited your website


People visiting your competitors


Search Retargeting

People searching for your products or services


Targeting people in your service area

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