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For those that think display advertising is dead and does not work; think again.  There are a few practical ways display advertising still can be fruitful.  Display has a few advanced tactics and measurements that helps refine and track the customer.  Below, I have outlined a quick snapshot of three display advertising tactics.

Geo Fencing with Conversion Zones

Using location based mobile targeting, allows advertisers to drive ad interaction strictly by consumer location.  In addition, advertisers can capture the user’s mobile ID and retarget that user for up to 30 days.  A way to measure foot traffic lift is a  metric called conversion zones. The measurement allows an advertiser to see how many people came into their store after being served a geo fenced ad unit.

Dynamic Retargeting

Using the power of site retargeting is essential to any digital campaign, but the ability to deploy specific creative by web site inventory is powerful.  According to Think With Google, dynamic retargeting can increase conversions by 10-15%.

CRM Targeting

The ability to targeted current or prospective customers on a CRM list or database, allows for synergy among multiple marketing efforts.  Syncing a display campaign with a direct mail and email marketing campaign, could result in higher conversions for the marketing campaign.


Written By TJ Salopek
Executive Director of Cross Media Sales